Smart Goals

Smart Goals

Smart Goals

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Smart Goals

Smart goals just got smarter with a more systematized approach known as SMART goals. Accomplishing certain objectives may satisfy a particular requirement at the moment, but bringing all these objectives together to fulfill one definitive goal is the ultimate criteria for assessing the level of success.

Establishing the right goals at the start of any endeavor is very crucial for its success and SMART has taken on a systematic cycle as it applies to project management and personal development among others. The word SMART has thus become a mnemonic to basically stand for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bounded goals.


A goal becomes more motivating if it is more specific since it will appear more manageable for the team or for the individual. As a basic guide for establishing specific goals, the five W questions must be answered.
* What needs to be accomplished?
* Why accomplish this goal?
* Who are likely involved?
* Where is the likely location?
* Which constraints are needed to be considered?


A carefully specified goal is measurable on certain standards or criteria. Hence, it must seek to answer the three H questions.
* How much?
* How many?
* How to know the time of accomplishment?


Inherent to the specific and measurable nature of the established goal, it also follows attainability. Goals must be realistic to be attainable. While some creative pressure is needed to put the potential of the team to full use, the pressure must not be overwhelming since it could boomerang back to the plans negatively.


A particular undertaking must be relevant to the prevailing circumstances. Endeavors that matter at the right time must be prioritized over those which are less relevant depending on the situation.


Finally, smart goals are time-bounded by specifying a foreseeable time frame. By sticking to a particular time-bounded plan, commitments to meet the deadline help the entire team or the individual to focus for completion.


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